Sunday, April 27, 2008

Zoo - Revisited

For those of you who check my blog from time to time, you are likely wondering why I am posting zoo pictures again. Well, it seems that Dana was quite interested in taking a peek at the "insanely angry chimps" that I was telling him about from the last trip. But, much to his dismay, they weren't so angry. In fact, I am fairly sure that they were under some sort of a tranqulizer as they just had a glazed look to them and were staring out into oblivion. A drastic contrast from the crazy (and angry!) chimps from 2 weeks ago. But, I digress.

Anyway, it was a gorgeous Saturday and we had a great time. Really, if you (who live in Oki) have nothing to do and want a cheap activity, the zoo is fun for an afternoon.

Once again, my kids favorite place to be was at the petting zoo area. Even better this time, because they had cute little bunnies to play with.

Andrew and the "best bunny ever!"

Logan liked carrying this chick around in his pocket, until it decided to get a little more comfy and wiggled his feet around. Logan was not too excited about little feet scratching around his chest.

Josh has found his little piece of heaven; a bunny AND a chick. He was quite content to sit on this bench for at least 30 minutes while gently snuggling his new best friends.

He REALLY loved this bunny. He wasn't about to share it with the 200 other kids that seemed to be thronging to the petting area. It was HIS bunny. He was a bit heart broken when we convinced him to put the bunny down (and so was mom).

The "Wonder Museum" at the zoo was once again so much fun. The kids love it. It really is the best kids museum I have seen yet; and so cheap! 200Yen for adults and 100Yen for each child.

Oh, and the most important part...lunch! Okinawan Soba (the noodles, broth and pork/bacon slab), Yakisoba (Dana's favorite food on the island) and an "American Dog" which translates into a corn dog. Of course, who else on this earth batters and deep fries an already unhealthy food item to make it even better?! America! It was really really good though. :)


Alisha Green said...

Ahhh fun. I don't blame Joshy for not wanting to leave "his" bunny. So cute!

Donna said...

I'm glad you posted about the zoo again, any pics and info is great about the family~we love you!

Ramona Jensen said...

Such darling pictures of the boys.

How precious.

Much love to all of you.

Miriam said...

Catherine, how did Dana and the kids get up into that enormous, monstrous chair? Is it real? My kids would be all excited to sit in something like that.

Cathryn said...

Yep, the chair is real...and they had to climb. They loved it! The kids museum is the best!