Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Dana and I have mentioned several times over the course of several months that we love the age the kids are at right now. They still need us, but we actually get to sleep at night! Andrew gets up in the morning and pours himself a bowl of cereal while putting a "living scripture" movie on for his brothers. Logan is so eager to learn and be all grown up, but with about 5 minutes of tickling his face while being snuggled he is sound asleep. Joshy is at the absolute best age right now. I love 2 year olds! They can be so full of mischief but the majority of the time they are just cute and fun. Their personality truly shines.

So what is a mom to do when she is done adding to the family, but LOVES the age her kids are at right now? I cannot come to any conclusion on this one; wait for grandkids I guess.

I have to register my kids for school tomorrow and while some moms may be jumping for joy, I seem to have a heavy heart about it. I don't like sending my boys out into the world-not even kindergarten! I love having them in this protective, sheltered and innocent little haven called home. But again, what is a mom to do? Kids have to grow up right? Ahhhh, the dilemma of it all.

So, with that said, here are some pictures of my boys taken this past week. These pictures, and the moments that come with them are exactly why I wish they would just FREEZE and stop growing up. I love em'!

At what other time in your life can you run around the house with swords in your underwear (and 2 more in the back of his shirt) and it is COOL?!

Logan, my animal lover, "rescued" this snail from certain death in our parking garage. He loved watching him crawl/slither/slime his way down the hall.

Some days are just so darn busy that Joshy has to grab a nap anywhere he can get some peace and quiet. Can't find his favorite blanket? No problem! A cushion will do.


Jennifer said...

So cute... I know what you mean... It's awesome the age they are now. Love the pics!

Donna said...

Oh yes, I remember those pains of having my little ones growing up, its a tough road, and yes, the grandchildren are so worth the wait!

Ramona Jensen said...

I remember saying to my children more than once, Could I just "freeze" you right now. They would laugh and say,
"Oh, no mom." I was sad.

I now feel the same way about the grandchildren.

What absolutely darling boys!

Greg & Tacie said...

Too cute...even Brynnley laughed out loud at the picture with the light sabers...such a typical boy thing. (Cannon got busted in preschool when he "packed heat," ...a squirt gun down the front of his pants.

Miriam said...

I have to agree with you, I wish my kids could stay this age...But it's so fun watching them grow and having those ta da moments when they've learned something new. Thank heavens we live in this time period and have some great ways to capture all of these great memories we are making!

sara said...

I feel the same way. Sometimes I want it to stay like this forever. It kills me that JP will go to all day kindergarten this fall. That's TOO long!!!!