Saturday, April 5, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dana!

I wanted to take a minute and dedicate a post completely to the man I love most in the world. Of course, I know all the reasons that I love you, but I just thought I would let my small "blogging world" know them as well.
*You are the most gentle and kind person that I have ever met.*You are always calm, even in the middle of the "storm" and that calm soothes me.*You have always treated me with respect.*When I take a much needed "break" on some random evening, I always come home to a clean house and happy kids.*You play with our children.*You love our Heavenly Father and strive to please him.*You always CTR.*You are the spiritual leader in our home.*You are never gruff with the boys, always kind.*You take those few extra minutes to explain to the kids a "better choice" instead of just being angry with them.*You take time seperately with each of our boys so that they know "you love them best."*You are respectful to your parents.*You give everyone the benefit of the doubt.*You always listen.*You never yell.*You have taught our boys to be respectful and have good manners.*You always support me.*You always love me, even when I am grumpy.*When I am grumpy, you give me time to take a nap :).*You are funny.*You always make everyone around you feel important.*You serve your country with pride.*You are always eager to learn.*You let me "freak-out" about something and then you talk some sense into me.*You love your family.*You are always honest.*You truly do care about the people you see at work.*You are always striving to be better in any way that you can.*You put up with my over-protective parenting.*I can trust you 100% to always keep our kids safe.*You do Andrew's math homework with him and take the time to really help him understand what he is learning.*You give Logan "homework problems" at night and make him feel so smart for coming up with the right answer.*You rock Joshy at night when he has had a bad dream.*You continue to be a man that I love being married to and look forward to eternity to spend with.

You just turned 33, so there are 33 reasons why I love you-though I could easily come up with 33 more. Thank you for being all that you are to me and our children.

Andrew was so proud of his dad when he graduated dental school.

Logan is Dana's "mini-me" and loves his daddy more than anything.

Joshy follows his dad everywhere he goes and is quick to jump in his arms for some snuggle time.

I love you Dana! Happy Birthday and thank you for making these last 10 years good years. Not always easy with all the moves, challenges and "adventures" we have taken, but always good and filled with love, hope and togetherness. You're the best!


Alisha Green said...

Ahhh, I love Dana. What a great post, and of course I'm not at all surprised at all the great things he is. Love you Dana, and Happy Birthday!

sara said...

Happy Birthday Dana! What a nice tribute. How could you not feel loved after that?