Thursday, April 17, 2008


The Okinawan people are great. They have gone out of their way to accomodate all of us Americans living on their island. They are courteous and polite and it seems that for the most part they are "ok" with us being here.

I am always amazed at how many (read:all!) of the Okinawans speak english. I surely haven't worried about learning spanish while living in the states but the Okinawans all seem to know at least a little (if not A LOT!) of English. I praise them for this...good job and thank you for making my life so much easier here. :)

BUT one of the fun cultural differences here is at times, words get lost in translation and whole new phrases are born! Here are a couple of pictures of some recent finds.
Well, yes...I do agree!

"Happy" and "Winter" they really belong together? Not in my book!

This one was very creative and I give the sign maker an "A" for effort. By the way, the food pictured is curry with sliced goya and rice. I LOVE the curry here! It is like a rich, sometimes spicy and oh so flavorful stew, always served with rice. It is delish! Dana likes it even more than I do. Now, to just get the boys on board! Goya on the other hand is a very bitter fruit/veg/something that I just can't seem to enjoy. Though, a good Okinawan friend here assures me that she can cook it for me in such a way that I will LOVE it! I am willing to give it a shot, but unless it is covered in A LOT of chocolate, I just don't know if it is going to happen. :)

Ahh, now THAT is my kind of sign! "Happy" "Food" and "Therapy" now..does that mean that food is good therapy and makes me happy or that because I each SO MUCH food to be happy that now I need therapy? I guess either would apply. *grin*


Susan said...

I already love the culture there and I've never been! What a great experience for you and your family.

MaryAnn said...


I feel bad that I've been peeking at your blog and haven't given you the address for mine. It's only fair that you get to spy on my life too! Thanks for all your ideas of things to see/do here! :)

Cathryn said...

Yay! Another blog to read!
Thanks Maryann.

The Caldwells said...

Ah, thanks for the laugh after a couple stressful days!!! Just put it this way, got to Tokyo and Temple recommend is snuggly packed in my purse, which is conviently in the car in Okinawa!!

Cathryn said...

Oh no Bambi! ACK!