Tuesday, October 28, 2008

White Beach

As I was trying to think of something to post, I remembered that I had some great pictures from our last camping excursion. I use "camping" in a very broad sense. We rented camp trailers that had airconditioning, microwaves and a bathroom. YAY! I practically grew up in a tent so I feel zero guilt what-so-ever "camping" in comfort. :)

This is how I spent our time while "camping." Rough isn't it?

Andrew, always photogenic even with crazy beach hair.

Eating pumpkin cookies for brunch.

We had the whole beach to ourselves. How lucky is that?

We went with a great family that we have become quite close with here on the Island. They have two of the most adorable girls on the planet (arranged marriages are in the works...kidding! Maybe?).

The kids had lots of fun playing night games with the megabats swooping overhead and then plenty of beach time in the morning. Our campsite was right on the beach!

Another vacation weekend for the books...or I guess just the blog. Our simple and easy life is rapidly coming to an end so we hope to take advantage of as much "fun" as we can. Gotta run!


Angie said...

This sounds so awesome and I love your toes!!

Good luck on arranging the marriages... Hee, hee!

DGreen said...

Oh, they are so adorable, I mean the kids! Looks like they had a great time. Yes, your toes are adorable too! Mine are swiftly fading and I told dad that my heart is aching for Okinawa...

Alisha Green said...

First, I am so jealous of your pedicures. I loooove your flowered up toes. So cute!

And as for those little girls. Oh my goodness, adorable!

What a fun time you all had, and great memories you made.