Thursday, October 9, 2008

10,000 Eisa Dancers on Kokusai

We were able to attend a huge national celebration here in Okinawa a couple of months ago (yes, that is how far behind I am in blogging). It was amazing, humid and deafening all at once. Located in the heart of Naha is the very popular and touristy Kokusai Street. Many vendors, shops, markets and restaurants can be found here.

Once a year, Kokusai Street hosts the 10,000 Eisa Dancers Parade. Eisa dancing is a local traditional style dance and costume performance. The main event are the taiko drums and oh my goodness, they are loud. Once the drummers start, then the sanshin players are added then top that off with singing and dancing. It gives you chills to listen to and is so outstanding that it brings tears to your eyes (or was that just the humidity running down my face?).

The sanshin players.

This sweet little girl was standing not two feet from Andrew for her entire performance. She kept making eye contact with him and smiling. I think I took 50 pictures just of her. She was absolutely adorable.

Can I take her home, please?

Him too. One more boy in the family would be great!

This shot does not do the performance justice. Seriously, there were 10,000 dancers!

Here we are that same day at Fukushuen gardens. I have an earlier post on this garden. I love it here. It is a haven of complete serenity and beauty tucked right in the middle of the city.

I have no idea what this plant was called, but wow.

I love the old buildings. Especially when they are weathered with time just a little bit (or a lot). The color that peeks out is fantastic.

My two sweeties. I am so blessed to have three sons that love each other so much. They are all best friends.

We went to a great tempanyaki restaurant here that served the kids drinks in a "skull". The boys loved it and were terrified to drink out of it at the same time. If you know Andrew at all, you know he is (as this picture captures) working through the logistics of why and how mom and dad want him to drink anything out of a skull. :) In the end, he drank my water and I drank his "punch."


Doug & Donna Green said...

Another of my favorite things that we did! I miss my sweet boys so much!

Angie said...

Oooo ... that skull looks a little - ummmm ... interesting! :) Ha, ha.

You do such a wonderful job of taking pictures! The Japanese kids are sooo cute (I wouldn't mind adopting a few myself!) ... your kids are so photogenic and sweet.

The parades are cool - very different from the US. The culture is very interesting with certain meanings behind everything. I'm a lot more appreciative than before - plus your blogs have been a great source of information ... I love them!

Jamie Lamb said...

Wow! You guys are seeing some great things. I love reading about the things you are doing and I love the pictures. And your mom got to come fun!

Angie said...

Guess what, Cathryn? NO SNAKES on that hike! You're free and clear and once you arrive to the falls, you'll be so glad ... it's so peaceful especially if you're the only ones there.