Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sushi Lover

Yesterday, Joshy and I were out doing errands while the older boys were at school. Of course, Josh has the same appetite that I do and by 9:30 in the morning he was hungry again. So, we ran into a grocery store looking for a suitable snack for being on the go to accomplish the rest of the days to-do list. As we are walking into the store, Josh tells me he wants sushi. "No way is he having sushi for breakfast," is what I am thinking. So, we walk past the sushi counter on our way towards a nice lunchable for him and the tears start to roll. "Mom, I want sushi!!!"

Is this really happening to me? Is my 3 year old baby demanding sushi? Does this not strike anyone else as a bit odd?! Sure, he has had a few bites of it as we have had it at different restaurants here...but a WHOLE plate of it..now...for breakfast?! Well, guess who won? Not mommy. We come back to the sushi counter after putting the lunchable back and the nice sushi girl made a fresh tray of california rolls for my sweet little persistant child. He possesively carried it all the way back to the van, tore into it and ate THE ENTIRE TRAY. Good Heavens!

I guess he really does like sushi.

So, fast forward to the next day (today). I am taking him to pre-school. "Do you want to go eat sushi for lunch with mommy and Katie?" I asked him. He was quite excited with the plan. So, here are pictures of today at a fun little corner sushi house. This restaurant is a bit different and fun as you sit at a booth or barstool and choose the sushi you want that is coming past you on a conveyor belt. Let it be known, that I don't love sushi. But, this place had SO MANY yummy rolls that I walked away a bit too full. It was delicious!

As you walk in the door, they have this cute poster up so as to inform the sushi-naive like myself as to what we are eating.

The cost of the sushi that is going past you on the belt is determined by the design of the plate. That way you know exactly what your bill will be after you are done scarfing down as much delicious sushi as you want.

Here come the goods!

This was the first one Josh picked out (with moms help). A beef steak sushi, IT.WAS.AWESOME. The sauce was finger lickin' good.

Josh LOVES sushi but not getting attacked by the super sticky rice. So, I am sorry you have to look at my weathered (do I have cowboy hands??!!!) hand, but I am complying with the 3 year olds wishes at the moment.

The sushi chefs stand in the center of the oval shaped belt and continuously make fresh sushi. Here they are searing some salmon for a roll. The salmon had a slightly blackened taste to it and was so fresh and perfect that it just melt in your mouth.

Shrimp tempura taking a stroll down the belt. I didn't see that one go by again, so it was gobbled up in a hurry by someone.

Quail egg rolls. I did see these go past several times. No way Jose!

Oh and one other thing that Josh and I have a deep and abiding love for here:

Peach Water. You know those "peachies" gummy candies you can buy on any candy isle? This drink tastes just like the candy, except much less sweet; so good!


Angie said...

I am impressed! I love sushi-go-'round ... what a fun place to try something new! The peach water looks really good! May have to sample it. :)

DGreen said...

Did I miss someplace fun? And yes, the peach water is great! Josh is so adorable, I miss that little guy and his "sweet" disposition!
Shisa making sure looked fun, yours turned out great~

Amie said...

I'm glad you have your very own shisa. And I can't believe Josh will eat sushi--for breakfast, too! I cannot eat sushi even for dinner. Go, Josh!

David Green said...

I love sushi!!! Sometimes I go to Harmons grocery store where they have "real, live, Japanese" people making fresh sushi daily. MMMM, what a wonderful treat. (no cream cheese....bad, very bad)(easy on the salty soy sauce too):)

Two Beautiful Girls Mommy said...

Hmm this place looks familiar! LOL! It was fun to see you and Katy there. It was yummy wasn't it?

Cathryn said...

Loved it! And I have no idea what the name of the place is either. Saw your post!