Sunday, April 26, 2009

I am trying not to panic...

But, I only have 1 week left in my house! Here I am thinking I am getting all prepared in plenty of time and then it hits me- YOU HAVE 1 WEEK TO GET YOUR LIFE IN ORDER, ack! I gotta tell ya, there is nothing like an organizational kick in the pants than trying to move your life across the planet (again).

On another note, my kids have said and done a few things that have been so cute and sweet that I knew I would need to "blog" about them before they are lost from my mind forever.

I'll start with Andrew:
Andrew is my scientist at heart. If he isn't learning about anatomy then it is natural/earth sciences. If it isn't either of those, it is astronomy or marine biology; and if those aren't floating his boat at the moment it is chemistry. And right now, we are talking a LOT about chemistry in this house. Andrew's favorite evening pastime is to go onto youtube (WITH mom and dad of course) and watch chemisty experiments (how would I have even guessed that I would be trying to explain the periodic chart of elements with my 8 year old?). His favorite experiment at the moment, is one of a college professor putting some sulfur into water and watching the "explosive" reaction...good times I tell ya. Anyway he is always asking how old he has to be until he can go into THAT college class and talk to THAT professor about chemistry. Love it. He said to me the other day as I was driving the boys to school "Mom, when I am in college and you come and help in my class (I help out in his class a lot) I will get to show you all of MY experiments." Ahh, it makes a moms' heart melt to hear that my son wants his mommy to come to his college class to see his work. I know it will pass but I will relish it for the moment.

Next is my Logan. He is my creative little one that craves learning and projects. He is such a little Dana in the fact that he is a perfectionist and just seems to intuitively "get" how things work. He is so loving and loves to project his love in works of art. If I am gone for even just a little bit and he is home with Dad, I always find a picture taped to the door that Logan has made for me. Of course, I save every one and have quite a stack built up now; such sweetness.

Another little habit he has picked up is that he meticulously folds his pjs each morning and gently places them into his drawer before getting dressed. I really need to get this on tape. He lays the shirt down on the bed, smooths out the wrinkles, folds in the sleeves and then folds the shirts in to thirds. Then, the same routine with the pants. EVERYDAY. Where did he get this? Should I be worried?! I am more of a stuff and grab kind of a girl and even Dana isn't that concerned about his folding (though admittedly, more than I am).

My third and final cute memory is something Joshy (my wild card) said to me this week. He is SURE that I need another baby in my tummy (I don't). In fact, we were standing in line at the military post-office on base together in a LONG line of quietly patiently waiting soldiers. Out of the blue, Joshy says in his much too loud at that moment voice, "Mom, you gotta get a baby in there!" as he pats my tummy...ya, thanks kid. That wasn't embarrassing even one little bit.

Then, the next day as we are driving in the car, once again the subject comes up about babies in the tummy (you would think I have a daughter...where is my little rough and tumble son getting all this?) and that babies grow bigger while they are in there. Well of course Josh says to me, "Mom, I gotta get back in there right now!" Confused I say, "In where, my tummy?!" "Yes" Josh says, "I need to get back in there so I can get bigger and stronger now!" Ha! I had a good laugh outta that one.

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Jessica said...

1 week! Good luck moving yourselves across the planet. I love the quilt blocks. How great to have a memory quilt.

Those are such cute things by your boys - he chemistry and the folding. Definitely get that on tape.

Take care! Have a happy move.

Anonymous said...

That is so cute. What awesome little angles you have. You better get it all on tape since when they get older they will deny it.