Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finally Done

I have finally finished the last of my quilt squares! I am glad that I didn't know how much time overall that doing these squares would take because that would have really made me hesitate. But, I am happy with the finished product. All in all, I made 20 of the sanshin square, 5 (and thank heavens ONLY 5) of the Shisa square and 2 of the sugar cane and rice hat. Overall, I will have 25 different squares (from the others in my groups) for a wonderful memory quilt.

Now to find some nice quilting lady that would like to piece together all of these squares for me. There is NO WAY I am going to learn to piece a quilt on something that has this much "sweat equity" put into it.

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Angie said...

I LOVE the extra squares you made. That Shisa dog is very very cool. I also think the hat is pretty nifty! Wow!

Maria said...

Cathryn, Your last squares are stunning, I especially love the sugar cane with the hat, so creative and okinawan!!

Jay and Kara Barney said...

These turned out gorgeous especially for someone who says she isn't creative. That's just bologna.
I really love the hat and sugar cane. What a creative idea.