Thursday, April 30, 2009


Better late than never right?

We enjoyed a fun Easter with our dear friends, the Deavers. What will my kids (and me!) do without them when we leave?

After much convincing (of Josh) we did finally get a picture with the Easter bunny. Josh is so ready to bolt and not happy to have the creature touching him in any way. Good thing Logan has a nice strangle hold on him to keep him steady. :)

After a delicious dinner, we enjoyed an evening Easter egg hunt. I love seeing the East China Sea in the background here!

Logan and his almost full basket!

Andrew and his best friend Lucy.

It was serious business for Josh. He was not wasting any time getting to the "goods" laying wait inside the egg. He loves his chocolate!

The kids searching for the last of the eggs.

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DGreen said...

How adorable; yes both you and Devers will be "lost" without each other!! It makes me sad too for you all, but we're glad to have you closer!