Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where is my camera?

The boys and I made a quick weekend trip to Utah in September. It was fast and furious and OF COURSE we all became sick out of it (happens every.single.time. we go home) but it was still worth it.
It seems that more and more often, one of the boys has my camera in hand taking pictures as fast as possible to document every possible second of fun. :) Here are a few of my top faves from this past Utah trip. It was really fun to look through and see what (and who) captured their interest over and over again.
So, enjoy the pictures! I think all three boys had an opportunity to capture some of these fun moments:

My brother Mike.

My uncle Pat or as my boys affectionately call him, "Uncle Hat."

David's wife and son~Heather will love this one.

My Mom and Julianne

Denise and Tristin



My Dad and Josh and Logan.



Sure you had to post that one of me! Look at my eyes!!agggg, jen

DGreen said...

It was such a wonderful thing for you and the boys to come to their party; thank you!

lalon said...

I love your posts, Cathryn!! You do such a great job of bringing your posts alive!
I know how you feel regarding the long trips and getting sick. Same thing happened to us every. single. time!! Must be the sitting and not doing anything?? Never did solve that puzzle.
Love the pictures ... looks like they have a true gift!! :)
~Angie K.