Friday, November 13, 2009

Muir Woods

So far, Muir Woods has been our favorite place that we have visited. It is almost like stepping into a forest that only exists in fantasy. The paths are perfectly groomed, it is damp, dark and ethereal. The small stream that runs through the woods is crystal clear and alive with small fish. The explorers of the woods are quiet with a reverance for the beauty.
Here are a few of our favorite pictures:

The boys with Grandma Jensen and Aunt Candice.

Joshy posing with his favorite carved bear.

A rare moment of quiet reflection (see, it does happen!).

The beauty encircled was hard to know which direction to look first!

Oddly enough, even the spider webs were beautiful (is that even possible in my world?!).

Snuggling Aunt Candice, they loved spending time with her.


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happy family
good you are permanent can like that forever
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lalon said...

Think I'll build a house right next to that little stream!

Wonderful pictures of the boys. They're just as polite as they are good looking! You and Dana are doing a great job!
~Angie K.

Natalie said...

What a picture perfect place! Your boys are sure handsome!

The Shirleys said...

We drove down to the woods once after going to Muir Beach, but we didn't get out since the boys had just gone to sleep. It looks like we will have to try the wood again. YOur pictures are beautiful!