Saturday, August 16, 2008

Naomi's Yakisoba

Here is Naomi's delicious recipe for her yakisoba. It seems that each yakisoba that we have tried tastes just a little bit unique, but we seem to love each one of them.

First add a Tbsp or so of olive oil to your fry pan and then throw in at least 3 large carrots and one medium onion that have been chopped. Let them cook until the carrots are crisp-tender.

Then add in as much cabbage as you desire. This is almost a full head of napa cabbage; I love this stuff! It is my favorite part of yakisoba. Also in the picture you can see strips of meat; the meat is spam. Yes, you read right...spam. Slice it up and add it in either early on or at the end of the cooking time. I prefer (ok, so I have only done this once but it seemed to work!) to slice it, and then cook it in the olive oil until just a bit browned, remove it and then add them back in once I have the cabbage cooked down a bit.

Now be brave and try the spam at least once in your life! I have to admit that I had NEVER bought spam in my life until 2 days ago after tasting Naomi's yummy yakisoba. News flash people, it was good! So, live on the wild side and try some! In case you are not sure (as I was not) the spam is usually located near the tuna fish. :)

Ok, now it is time to add in the soba noodles and seasoning packets. The noodles are in the refrigerated display table in front of the deli. Grab the soba package that has the seasoning packet in the picture below.

Anyway, the noodles are already cooked, just break them up a little bit and add them into the pan; sprinkle the seasoning on top. You may need to add just a Tbsp or two of water to help distribute the seasoning.

Yep, here is the seasoning packet.

The finished product! Delicious! The only additions I made to this recipe when I made it at home tonight was a bit of garlic powder and freshly ground black pepper to the onions and carrots...yum!


Miriam said...

That looks Yummy!

Doc Lamb said...

That does look good! I wonder if we can get some of that stuff here in the states? I happened to stumble onto your blog, and it looks y'all are having a great time. It has been a while, but we are doing well too. You can check in on us at

Angie said...

Ohhh my goodness this looks delicious!

Thank you for sharing this!

2BeautifulGirlsMommy said...

I wasn't sure I would like it since but it tasted wonderful. I will have to make it for my hubby soon! Thanks for posting the pictures so I know what to buy.