Friday, August 15, 2008

Miso Soup by Naomi

We had a mini enrichment class at the church this week to learn how to cook a few local favorites. This first dish is miso soup...yum! Naomi, an Okinawan woman in our branch demonstrated how to make miso and other delicious dishes; we were in for a treat! Thank you Naomi!

Miso soup in all its glory.

First bring your water to a boil. Naomi was doing this cooking demonstration at our church building so she didn't have exact measurements; she just used the pots and pans available at the church. So for 5 -6 cups of water that was brought to a boil she used about 2 Tbsp of miso base. This can be bought at the commissary and also locally. I did see this paste at the small grocery store inside the Home Store at Navel Kadena.

Just put the base into the boiling water and stir to disolve.

Naomi then added a couple of pinches of dried seaweed strips to the soup. These can be found at the 100Yen stores or at local grocery stores.

She then added about a tsp of these fish broth granules to let disolve in the boiling water. These granules can be found in a smaller box at the commissary (the box looks the same).

Firm tofu was then sliced into cubes and added to the broth.



Angie said...

Oh goodie... thank you Cathryn! I can't wait to try this!

2BeautifulGirlsMommy said...

It was so yummy too!