Friday, March 6, 2009

Logan's 100 Days

The kindergarten classes at Logan's school had a fantastic 100 days of school celebration last week! It was an all out party for most of the day and so much fun for the kids.
They played lots of games like placing 100 unifix cubes in the tray.

Trying to do 100 spins on a hula-hoop.

Making cool 100 day glasses to wear.

Riding bikes doing...100 of something I am sure.

Counting by 10s in Spanish while jumping on the lilly pads.

And then of course welcoming a local Japanese kindergarten to join them in the fun celebration. Not only do the Japanese students get cute puppy and bunny buses to ride in, the "horn" for the bus is a "bark!" Love it.
I am so glad I was able to spend the morning with Logan!

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DGreen said...

How fun for him and you! Heart warming memories of wonderful times. I love the buses!

Jamie Lamb said...

The buses are great! My kids would love those school buses. Sounds like a fun day for Logan.

Ramona Jensen said...

Darling pictures.
What a special boy...great fun for Logan. It's the best for mom's to spend some time at school.
Cool buses!

Jessica said...

Awesome. Those kids will always remember the 100th day of school. Such great memories.

Angie said...

Great pictures! I love the buses ... wish they'd do something cool like that for our kids! :)

Alisha Green said...

Logan's so cute. What great pictures. And those buses are something else. How fun.


Sweet Bus!!!!!!!Love, Jenn

Prince's said...

I found this where in the world are you people stationed? how are you doing?

Anonymous said...

So cute, looks like he had tons of fun.