Sunday, July 13, 2008

Random Cuteness

Logan on his preschool graduation day; I love this kid.

Baby hermit crab trying so hard to hide.

Logan snorkeling for the first time! Logan worked hard to practice his mad snorkeling skills in the bath tub for a year.

Dad and Josh snorkeling and learning about sea urchins. Josh is "unafraid" of the water this year which makes mom and dad very afraid. We have had to do a few crash courses in " How-to-Prevent-Sea-Urchin-Ouchies" for Joshy.

Logan loving the slide at our favorite local town pool.

Andrew in his "gear."

Andrew doing his last report at school.


Angie said...

I absolutely LOVE the pictures you take! The colors are gorgeous - not to mention the fact you have a good looking family (guess that helps too) ;)

Donna said...

What a great family. They and you are such a blessing to so many.

jamminjensens said...

Love the pics! I just can't believe how big and how much older those boys are getting!!! We certainly do miss them! Christian could use a few boys to get into trouble with!